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The use of BidPay® reduces supplier dependence on outside funding sources and lenders if they can wait until their invoices are approved by their customer. BidPay® provides suppliers the ability to obtain payment on demand from their customers as soon as invoices are approved by the customer.

Active Payable Discounting is a business process through which Your largest corporate customers may actively and dynamically pay Your invoices ahead of schedule at a discount. Buyers benefit by earning a return on funds that otherwise earn little or no interest while your company waits weeks or month for payment. Suppliers benefit by having a reliable option that turins their approved invoices into immediate cash, reducing dependence on receivable financing.

In large organizations like your customer’s, the process of receiving, inspecting, accepting, and paying for goods requires significant amounts of labor and expense. Expediting any of those steps for the sake of a few suppliers that require faster payment places a cost burden on your customer. BidPay® facilitates the process for your customer. Your discount bid, offered through BidPay®’s auction platform, compensates your customer for these costs.